Rooster profile
September 20, 2019

A Day in the Life of the McGreen Chicken

To get a good idea of the quality of product you are getting from any farm or homestead, it usually helps to know what the animals are doing on the farm. Our chickens and ducks have really interesting lives and behaviors. Obviously we’ve named a few with distinct characteristics, but in general they all get to follow the same routine each day.

Rise and Shine

Our chickens start out the day way before we could ever get out there. On a full moon, the roosters actually don’t really sleep much. They crow pretty much the whole time from their roost in the stables. 

Baby Rabbits
September 2, 2019

Rabbit Breeding System

When it comes to rabbit breeding, I’ve been more fascinated about finding a system over the actual “act” of breeding. Specifically, how do I know who to mate with who. There is plenty of literature out there if you are looking for “How to Breed Rabbits” that tell you all about the physical act, but very few articles tell you about how to pair two bunnies. That’s what I want to talk about. This is a discussion. I want to make it clear I'm not a specialist when it comes to genealogy.